3 Weeks in!

Despite all odds, we are doing great 3rd week in face to face. Students are getting comfortable with the routine and each other, and are working well together as they remain social distancing along with masks on.

We are working on building vocabulary and applying these words we work on revising and proofreading our own drafts. Food chain activity was a hit as they explore producer to consumer roles. In Social Studies we are reviewing the Unit on government and its three branches, their roles and how it's run, meanwhile recognizing the 50 states and their locations.

We are having fun with the activities on Seesaw app. The best part of the activities is when students get to comment positive words to each other. IXL is a math reinforcement used as homework. Students should spend at least 25 minutes to master a couple skills that are being reviewed in class. This week we will be working on group guided reading. Our two groups will begin Lions of Little Rock and Refugee. Those reading Refugee will be asked to bring their ipads/laptops daily.

It's sniffles and allergy season. Have your child bring in personal tissue packs if needed or cough drops. If symptoms resemble the flu or a cold, please keep your child home. Stay safe & bless you!

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