Asslam Alaaykoum, Arabic Classroom for 1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th


last week was an enjoyable and successful week. Students in all grades were able to adapt to the new educational system according to the current conditionals, I was able to evaluate the students in finale way, as I divided each class according to their level and I will mention the names of the students and their levels so that you can help them use the correct reading and exercise book number for their level from the website that I sent to you for their ability to follow what they have learned in the class.

Grades and their books numbers:

- 1st grade book number (1)

- 2nd grade book number (2) except -Jennan-Jannah-Elyas-Omran book number (1)

- 3rd grade book number (3) except -Rami-Maria between (1-3)

- 4rth grade book number (5) except - Esa - leyannah- Amina- Hassan- Selina - and Sara book number (1)

- 5th grade book number (6) except - Marcus-Jude - between (6-3) and Layla book number (1)


In order for students to improve their reading in Arabic they have to read their lesson and Arabic stories daily at home. They can go to google classroom they will find the Arabic classroom I well add a different stories each week for different levels or they can visits the following websites


- learn Arabic through short stories for beginner.


-Arabic -international children's Digital library

Jazakunm Allha khair for your cooperation.

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