Fabulous Firsties First Week!

We had an amazing first week back. Students came in excited and ready to learn and see their friends and teachers.

We are learning about staying healthy and about being a safe community by wearing our masks and keeping our hands clean and sanitized and by staying in our own work spaces.

We are learning the routines of first grade and about each other.

So far Seesaw has been a big hit and the students are enjoying making videos and posting their work for me to see and share with their friends.

This week we will get more into our new math book and begin to make number sense. Look out for our math unit family letters posted on Google Classroom.

In reading we will focus on short "a" sound stories in order to review and learn how to follow first grade work routines.

We will learn how a scientist observes in science class. By reading and observing and becoming first grade scientists!

In writing class we will be introduced to what a good writer does as we prepare to become sentence writers and narrative story tellers.

I am excited to see what this week will hold as we discuss being a prepared and focused student.

Please be sure your child has all of their supplies and things for prayer.

As we move into week 2 I will be looking for students to become more familiar with the usage of their supplies. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me or text me on Remind. 😊

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