First Grade School Supplies

Supply List for first grade 2020/2021

4 Composition Notebooks 2 red

6 Plastic Folders with pockets and 3 prongs (1 red)

Box of 64 Crayons

Sharpened Pencils


Glue Sticks

Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Paper


Dry Erase Markers

Plastic Page Protectors

Soft large pencil pouch

Hard Plastic Pencil Case


Baby wipes


Art Apron

Personal Pencil Sharpener

Solid Color Pillow Case (Will Be used for chair storage)

1 extra child sized mask

1 1 Piece prayer hijab

1 prayer rug in Ziplock storage bag

No spill water bottle

All supplies will be used by your child only!

There are no community supplies! Any extras will be sent home until needed.

*** Please NO Spiral notebooks***

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