First Grade Spelling 10/5 Short i Sound

  1. Big

  2. Win

  3. Sit

  4. Bit

  5. In

  6. It

  7. Hit

  8. Did

  9. Rip

  10. Tip

  11. Is

  12. If

First graders are having a great time as narrators of their own stories. We are finishing up math unit 1 and will be tested on the partners and doubles chart from this unit.

In social studies we are talking about family, What is a family? Who is in your family?

In science we are understanding and exploring the states of matter.

We are reading to find short I words with short I in the middle of words.

We are really working hard to reach our learning goals and we really like going on Seesaw and IXL to get extra practice.

Thank you for your support, you are #1 on "Team Firsties"

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