Firsties Week of 9/21

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

What a fun 2nd week of school! We had our first FridayFunday where we were able to choose our work and work on our electronic devices in class.

We had a great time in our virtual classroom watching videos and hearing stories about being a classroom citizen.

This week we will begin to understand how stories flow in a sequence and how to write using first, next, then, and finally.

In math we will continue to make number sense by using our ten frames to make 10.

We will begin our weekly spelling lists this week with short a spelling sound. Tests will be every Friday.

In science we will use our senses to observe and investigate.

Our social studies class is all about following rules and laws and being a good citizen. We are learning what it means to be a good friend and community member and how rules and laws are there to keep order and to keep people safe.

This week Friday we will have our first art class where we will learn about a famous artis and do a painting tutorial of his painting style.

Please make sure we have our aprons if you havent sent one in.

Remember backpacks are not allowed this year. In order to keep each other safe we will not be sending papers back and forth.

Your childs work will come home every Friday for you to look over and keep.

Be sure your childs mask is adjusted to fit over their mouth and nose without slipping off. Also no cookies, candies or chips in school. Please send healthy foods only. Thank you for your cooperation 😊


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